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Introduction in corruption
Intentional bad quality of PE
Warehouse corruption
Contractors and bribery

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"Socialism, proved his inefficiency. We should find another ways to develope society" told Moamer El Khadafi in one of his interviews to Foreign Press.

Phase 2

Really, socialism, concept like equalized society, crashed in all countries. People are not equal, and don't like to be equal. Some of the main reasons of inefficient function, are between else a negative selection of managing staff, and the main important reason is corruption. Combined with social property of welt, without proper owner, these things lead to enormous disturbances in functionality of society on all levels.

Negative selection, suppose naming of obedient people in managing structures, instead of capable, qualified, and initiative people. If Head is not capable, and dependency of his team derive from him, it is normal to select less capable, and more obedient people on all lower levels. This way, can be created a very bad managing team, on all his levels, any good solution being interpreted like "offence" to managing capacities. In years, it is created teams of incapacities, which develops a very high way to defend themselves, keep each other back and lie higher structures in unashamed manner about so named "success". Worse than that, slowly, slowly they develops a very low level corruption with incredible effects on larger interactions, and with result of billion and billions of welt damaged.

This site is intended to show, how its working in a large company, typical petrol company. What kind of effects they generate around, and how small corruption of hundreds thousands, destroy billions around, without any punishment, even unproved corruption. But here are the facts which prove everything above mentioned. Facts which tell for themselves how these corrupted people do this intentionally, without any remorse, with sureness that nobody know this, or cannot prove, or they are untouchable.

These people, grow up in such a society, which spend enormous sums to educate them professionally, but it is enough to let them a little power, they will devastate all around them and with innocent faces they tell they do everything to solve problems in a proper manner, only approve them some more money.

Next story is significant for a large company, with his high priorities, and apparently small thefts, always motivated with production necessities. Story belong to Phase 2 of a Ras Lanuf Gas and Oil Processing industry.




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