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Rasco2 Introduction in corruption

Introduction in corruption
Intentional bad quality of PE
Warehouse corruption
Contractors and bribery

Chain of corruption

  1. Chief of departement write one RLD for spare parts.
  2. Manager approve this RLD.
  3. Purchase departement proceed RLD to Medoil.
  4. Medoil look for bidders.
  5. Bidders are in fact Libyans, from Rasco who offer these spares,
    under big names like: Tesco, Nesco, Eagleglow etc.
  6. In fact they buy on the West market at a small price and offer with much higher price to Rasco.
  7. There are in fact several offers, at nearly same prices, to make impression this is the market price.
  8. Offers come back to Rasco, and there people concerned, decide about the supplier.
  9. After selection of bidder, Medoil receive order to quit invoice.

Difference between real price and RLD cost, go in pockets of Libyan agent, who share brotherly with his companions.

Lets see some examples:
RLD20579, is about 100 of brake rectifiers.
Normal on the market this rectifier cannot be more than 20Euro.
You can see that Rasco buy this on the price of 205Euro per unit, or very easy to calculate 10 times more. Bravo for initiator of RLD. And for manager who sign this.
Anybody need provence, just write to bellow contact to have a copy of delivering list.

But this is nothing. Lets see another example how they try to hide these RLD'ies. If you look in material dep. stock number, you'll see under two numbers:

They belong to Heaters 2220-H-01 and 2220-H-02.
They were provided through RLD.
In fact if you look who is the originator of rls-35064, you'll see DH/FT/KHM.
This mean Dhafer, Fathi and Khamis.
Wrong and hidden theft. These people has nothing to do with these heaters.
In fact it was generated an RLD by the chief of electric departement from PE plant(MAA) and approved by manager (NB).
The price of these two heaters is several tens of thousands of British Pounds. Even these spares are completely unnecessary (just buy some spares, and not complete heaters), now in the warehouse stay two big sarcofags, bigger than pharaons graves, which will rot there, for ever. Or maybe after reading this information, they will destroy the one in function to replace with new one.

Lets see another examle. In year 2000, there were delivered 2 RLD-ies, for UPS. One for 2220-MP-01, another one for 2843-PH-01(PP line which doesn't exist). Ordered complete spare parts. Every of them worth 300.000 Euro. One new UPS was less than 100.000 Euro. There was ordered even distilated water, which is available in tanks in Rasco. Most of the spares, like chokes and transformers, rot for ever in Rasco warehouse, because they were transformed in RLS and delivered to warehouse departement.

Examples are plenty, and hundreds of thousands of euro, are spent in vain, just to fill some pockets, of corrupted people.

Appaling, some of delivered material is second hand. For example, electric division received instrument for testing batteries (BITE 2P), with charger in malfunction. Or the same division, received instrument for measuring liquid density without proper software.
One panel instrument, totaly unnecessary (SIREC HD) cost 7800 euro. There are many examples. When you complain to the manufacturer, nobody answer, because they already know, its a Rasco mess. They avoid completely to answer, knowing what kind of unashamed teft it is.
Later on will be more examples on warehouse chapter, special chapter of this comment.

The most significative example of selling scrap, like new devices, is Avolink. Tones of measuring instruments, come like new, in fact all of them have malfunctions. After receiving, people cannot use these instruments, report to heads, they try to contact deliverer, but there is no answer. Even a direct phone contact failed, because people from Avolink, know there is Libyan-Rasco agent who steel between Avolink and Medoil. Medoil just wash money. Any attempt to complain, come with answer that end user don't know to handle these instruments.

Now lets see why bad quality of polyethylene production, and how to destroy billions of welt!!!

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