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Intentional bad quality of production

Introduction in corruption
Intentional bad quality of PE
Warehouse corruption
Contractors and bribery

Why so bad quality?

Here are some hints, management was adviced, but nobody take care

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Management of Rasco2, make intentional very bad quality of polyethylene in order to lie and convince higher instances, for necessity of new spares and technologies.
They intentionaly force equipment of production, to destroy, because buying of new equipment lead to more money, when they buy it.
Lets see if its true?
Yes. If you look, for nearly six years they don't use screens, when push polyethylene by Melt Pump. Purpose of screens are to clear product of impurities.
End user, generaly private companies can't use these raw material, because when blowing it make horrible bubles.
If they use screens, than friction is to high, and quantity of production is less 2 tones per hour. Melt pump is kept on settings that shut down production on 85% of capacity.
How? They set Melt Pump itself on limit of torque on 100% (parameter P55 in MCC), and on 120% on compuonding room. this mean that provided trip on 105% in compuonding room, will happen on 85% of Melt Pump.
Very shroud! In production process, they have signal of tripping, with High Torque, and in MCC, Melt pump itself has signal 'Ready for start'. This mean there in no malfunction.
This is not enough, to reduce 20% and they, disable throthle valve, 2220-MTP-07A/B on manual position. As it should 'dance' together with Melt Pump, governed by DCS system in fact Melt Pump make very high oscilations, in order to satisfy rigid position of throthle valve.
Oscilations are 20% in amplitude, and this mean 20% less production.
Process just should enable throthle valve to be controled by DCS and not manualy.
This way, they distroy equipment, and go on many bussiness trips, to consult specialists in Germany about new Melt Pump.
Melt Pump in fact can push 15 tones per hour, instead of 9 tones as it work.
these two simple interventions, they don't want to solve, because choose very bad advicers. Any proper advice is rejected under explanation: this is not of your concern.

Billions are thrown in vain. with no remorse because managers of polyethylene, must buy new technology, go on bussiness trip, and spend big amount of state money for themselves. Libya has money. Its true. Medoil is a good washing machine. All these things, can be seen on the site, by anybody good intended.

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