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Warehouse corruption
Introduction in corruption
Intentional bad quality of PE
Warehouse corruption
Contractors and bribery

Spares and their purpose

How many items? How much spares?

One of the largest warehouse ever existing, is a golden mine for corruption. In fact, evaluation and ordering is not made by necessities, but by quantity of money need every boss on position to 'order'. This is done in colaboration with Libyan agents, outside, in fact all of them Rasco employee, on different time, and different stages present outside of country.
Names will be later  discovered now lets see subtitle of this topic.
How many items. Rasco has in warehouse evaluated about 110000 items. (hundred ten tousands).
In regular exploitation, there are movable about 10000 (ten tousand).
Now see what a bussiness is this.
Will see exact examples of wasting billions of money in vain, in fact in pockets of Rasco people.
Warehouse is in fact a big cemetery of unused spares.
Evaluation is not done, because of necesities. It is done because of washing money.
Small, useful things, are very bad evaluated. Capital things are ordered in wild way, and stay there burried for ever. Many times,  there is necesity for a smal spare, which can extend the life of device for many years. Instead, they buy complete new device, which craftsman in charge don't need.Examples as follow are significative.
You'll see these tomorrow.
Now lets see PH2-ooo23, from 2003 year.
Over half billion euro are spent. For Stacking & Wrapping packaging.
Less then 5% of these spares are nedeed. Plenty of gear-brake motors, which hardly to be necessary to be replaced.
At the same time, Heads of Electric departement, ordered by separate RLS, the same motors from dealer Coperion in Egypt.
These motors, are on the same place, converted into RLS with brakes, and famous brake rectifiers like spares.
Probably, and not probably there are two institutions of corruption.
One in Phase two, another, huge one in warehouse.
One small example, is RLS-40059-04.
One winding motor for Film Plant under number of 66.0102.017.9
there are spare 3(three) such motors.
These examples of doubling, or more orderings, are only in function of corruption. Two institutions, Phase 2 & warehouse, considered that Libya is unterminable source of theft, and should have their part of trophy, separate.
In the meantime, manager of Phase 2, advice his employes, to have mercy with consumption of spare parts, because it is too expensive!!! What a comedy?
Rejected spares
If go in warehose, you'll see a big amount of spares which are rejected by end users.
It is normal a rejected spare to deliver back to supplier. Than, everybody become alerted, and try to convince end user, he need this. Of course, end user don't accept something he ordered, and sent another item. But problem is that if they deliver, than money which already are in pockets, should be returned.. This cannot happen.
This, steeled money are too sweet.
That why in warehouse is about a billion euros in 'no needed spares'. They stay there for ever. Waste money.
An exact exmple, is a Voltage Regulator type Watford. for UPS 2220-MP-01. A Libyan, who is probably cooker, and not UPS specialist, sent something expencive of 14000 British Pounds.
That Regulator will stay there for ever.
Just a small mistake of spare, but good money.
Lets see stock number of this regulator.
If you see in system it is D(not to order).
But people ordered already two pieces. One of them is hidden in special electrical trailer. A proper regulator is in this trailer. A fake one is in warehouse, anybody can see.
This a small amount of about 30000 (thirty thousands) British Pounds.
A Libyan teacher work 15 years for these money.
A Libyan thief, protected by Rasco, earn with one signature, and waste all this material.
If you take RLD, where Electric Departement, bought complete UPS for polypropylene line, You'll see they ordered even distilated water.
A container with distilated water was delivered  from France. Anybody know Rasco, he know there is enormous tank of demin water. We think, we'll be able to inform exact number of RLD which later on was hidden in warehouse like RLS under same number like RLD.
After constructing this page, a new page will be constructed, concerning Rasco2 and contractotrs. Bribery and corruption in function. Just have a little patiance.
Here are too many events to be analized.
We thank you, and we wait for you to visit us every day.