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Contractors corruption
Introduction in corruption
Intentional bad quality of PE
Warehouse corruption
Contractors and bribery

Some hints of contractor corruption

This page begin with a story.

It was turn around 2004 on phase2. After small time (several days) four transformers on package B (2844-TRN- 1,2 3&4) were licking oil through bushings, on 6KV side.
In more than 20 years of his existance, Rasco changed 2 bushings on high voltage side.
Unbelievable. After internal investigation, it was clear that they were overstrenghten, and tus broken.
After more investigation, it was seen, crew for turn around, was nonprofessional selected. What happened. Head Division of elctric departement, ask his pupil on direct contract, a tecnician whom he gave the best accomodation in Gast House to recomend some people he know. The man recomended his relatives, they didn't have touch with electrics. The same man, was a direct connection of Libyan management with contractors. It is very easy to suppose, for some small amount of bribery they brought completely nonqulified people. Bravo for our Head. Very soon you'll see his picture on this blog.
But this is a primitive way, there are very sophisticated ways to take bribery from contractors.
There are three kind of contracting: Turn Around (money alocated for invested maintenance), service order and contract  for some jobs which are unusual for  factory (extensions of some plants or something like this).

When is Turn Around, the eyes of managers are like frogs. They shoud give job for companies with offers, which are the lowest in price. Ok but when it come to sign for executed job, then contractors must be very generous with rasco2 managers.
When is service order, it come to pay for a year in the bulk a big amount of money.
Regularly, the man who perform service become a small amount comparing with complete contract.
Difference is always shared. Of course not by workers, it go in managers pockets.
The third way, is to borrow contractors money in Libyan Dinars, because they are not quited yet, and after proper payment to return them money with interest.
These amounts should cover expences for accomodation and food, go up to 30000LD monthly.
Many times more.
As you can see contractors, are another golden mine for small corruption.
Just follow  some examples before we discover names.
Always, when lack of local currency, there are financial managers which generously, offer their loan, but hidden a completely private.
Also they use to buy, already signed invoice for money order, at lower price (about 15%less). Namely, contractor can't get this money immediately, and then its better to arrange through managers and bank to receive less money on time instead to wait for payment months and even years.


People from rasco 2 who are so keen in corruption are on the first place, manager Nadjib Burweiss, with his assistant Abu Arbia, head division of electric departement. See picture.
The actual Purchase manager Ali Jan-Jan, was 5 years in UK. So named specialization. In his free time coordinated deals with Libyan agents with Rasco. His job was to convince Rasco to buy as much as possible on one way, and to arrange for choosing of bidder on another hand.
Burweiss and Massoud Abu Arbia, between two pray, write RLD, between another two, calculate the money they will fill their pockets.
These are small fishes. Bigger will come soon.
With there photos.
In the meantime a short story about bad intention and stupidity of some people from rasco stuff. There is a Grinder, 2220-MP-14A/B Its purpose is to granulate raw material in order to be processed. In compound room, electric departement insert a two ammeters to follow intensity of current of electric motor. When you ask, why this non standard quantity from process in compound room, they answer they follow by this way quantity of granulated material!? Imagine. By amps they follow flow of material. Genially idea.A complete new construction from MCC to compuond was provided, just to follow the stupid idea of Massoud foreign pupil who nearly burnt once a complete phase2, but it is like this, when head division has confidence in his 'elected' adviser. For this idea, he grant him with a best accomodation in Gast House. Many 'diamond ideas' spread Burweiss and Massoud, just to spend some Libyan money. Clever people with high authority.